A Little Poem For You

I’m not sure where I found this or how, but I kinda of like it.

An Agnostic’s Prayer (Poem)

Robert Forrey

An Agnostic’s Prayer

Written following the events of Sept. 11, 2001

Save us, God, who don’t believe in you,

Save us from the multitudes who do.

Save us, who just want a little peace,

From those who worship you, without cease.

Save us from those Holy Lands

Where descendants of nomadic bands

Wrap their heads in holy towels

And pray to Y*W*H, without vowels.

Save us from those faiths Abrahamic,

Whether Judaic, Christian or Islamic.

Save us from every hegira

Whether it starts in Mecca or Palmyra.

Save us, God, from Christians’ anger

When we won’t display their babe in a manger.

Save us from Muslims’ wrath

When we follow not Muhammad’s path.

Save us from those orgies of piety

That religiously follow every calamity.

Save us from every minaret and steeple,

Save us from every Chosen People,

Save us from the armed Muslim, Christian, and Jew:

Save us uncircumcised dogs, us unchosen few.

Save us from the crusade, the jihad, the pogrom,

Save us from wise men who are dumb.

Save us from all those believers

Who express their faith with cleavers,

Or who, with orders direct from heaven,

Fly into buildings in a 747.

Save us from televangelists with visions,

Save us from unmedicated Pat Robertsons.

Save us from zealots straight from hell,

Save us from bin Laden and Jerry Falwell.

We don’t want you as our co-pilot,

We don’t want your terrorists either;

Instead of all this religious rot,

What we really want is a breather

From God-Bless-this and God-Bless-that,

From General Sharon and Chairman Arafat,

From mullahs, rabbis, and popes

From Taliban sharp shooters with scopes,

From Massad agents with Bond-like flair

Who assassinate Palestinians in their lair;

From Palestinians who stand and wait,

Holy time bombs, wired by hate.

Save us from all sectarian strife,

Save us from that religious life

Where the individual neurosis

Gets collectivized in psychosis.

Save us, God, we unchosen few,

Neither Muslim, Christian , Jew,

Save us from your followers true,

But save us, above all, God, from you.

Robert Forrey

I would love to put spaces in to this for easier reading for you. I realize it’s kind of hard to read, but after messing with it for 30 mins, I can’t get it to do what I want for some reason. So you get it how you get it. Sorry.


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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