A weedy garden a plastic pool and a cranky kid.

We were all in the backyard yesterday evening. I in my small but weedy garden and the AH putting up the small but hard to take care of plastic pool. You know the ones right? They are sometimes referred to as a redneck swimming pool. Yeah those. Anyway son number one was having some attitude issues. I’m not sure if he was over tired or still getting over a sickness he had earlier in the week, but he was CRANKY. He had been griping and crying and going on and on about several different things that where displeasing him. After trying to talk with him and give him ideas of something else he could do to get his mind busy instead of griping, it didn’t work. So we began to just ignore his griping, which included a massive melt down and door banging on the garage door after the AH went in for something and he was not allowed in.

That fit ended and the next one began however this time he began to disrespect the AH and ignore him when he asked him to do something. Son 1 was crying and not wanting to do whatever it was that the AH asked him to do. I don’t know what it was because I was in my weedy garden.  Anyway, I heard the AH say Son 1 look at me and then began to ask him to do whatever it was again. Son 1 ignored all the while crying the AH told him he had until the count of three and Son 1 still ignored. This is where the AH said ok now it’s time out on the porch, which sent Son 1 into a tizzy and in return sent our neighbor, who is elderly I might add, running across her backyard all the while yelling, “what’s the matter, what’s the matter.” By this time the AH has had to take Son 1 by the arm and physically help him move into the time out location as Son 1’s legs seemed to have stop working.

All the while neighbor is running towards the fence yelling. I see her coming and think “oh no she doesn’t” she is not going to come barreling into my backyard and undermine us as parents.  So I began to call her name, but she either ignores me or does not hear me the fist couple of times, remember she is older. Anyway, I have to get quite loud, and Son 1 is loud and she is still yelling, “what’s wrong.” Finally she hears me and I say to her, “he is fine, he is in trouble for not minding his daddy.” She says he’s been crying all evening and I say “yes I know, he’s in a bad mood, but he is fine.”

And you know what she did! She put her hand on the gate handle and tried to come into our backyard and go to Son 1 who by this time is halfway across the yard with the AH still crying. I say again” No, he is fine, he’s just in trouble”, but she seems beside herself with, what? Worry? Anger? Concern that we are hurting him? I’m not sure, but the AH had to say in a stern voice, “NO stay there, don’t open the gate.” She still acts as if she wants to come in but let’s go of the handle and says what’s wrong with him? To which the AH says again,” he’s in trouble, he’s fine but he’s not minding and he is being punished.”

She finally walks away.

Now, I need to let it be know that I do like the neighbor, but I don’t like feeling like I have to talk to her each time I go outside and she is there or that I have to let my kids into her backyard for treats, which they both like to do. She has, at times been pushy before and we have had to tell her no to things such as candy or treats before dinner and staying in her backyard too close to bedtime.

I was highly annoyed by that situation, however some lessons were learned. By both her, and us. She shall not undermine the parents. We chose when and where and how to discipline our children and we should be free to do this in our own backyard. Son 1 learned that daddy means business, Son 2 saw it all and learned he might not want to pull the same stunt.And I learned that either she is more deaf than I thought or too involved in our business. Oh and that a lock my need to show up on the gate in the cover of darkness.

I hope she does not began to cause problems. My dad said I hope she doesn’t call CPS(child protective services) on you. I hadn’t thought of that, I mean why would she, we didn’t hit him in any way shape or form, he was merely taken by the arm and placed in time out. However, you never know now days when someone is going to make your business their business.

That’s how our weekend started off. I hope your is enjoyable and you don’t have any nosy neighbors to contend with.


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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One Response to A weedy garden a plastic pool and a cranky kid.

  1. tessa says:

    Oh whatta nosy old battleaxe! She had some nerve trying to let herself in your yard. I wouldn’t worry about CPS but in the event she does call them, steer clear of her! But hey, aint Parenthood fun?!? You can still love them with all your heart but not like them every minute. Hope he is acting better now. I would have threatened no pool for a length of time. That works with mine every time because she is a fish lol. Then again, mine is going on 10. Still her mouth overloads her butt far toooo much!

    Luckilly our neighbors are a pasture away, not right next door. We used to do stuff together – they have 2 kids and the girl is the same age as mine. But since we stopped going to church, they steer clear of us. Which is totally fine by me. If they want to be judgemental ass-holes, we are better off. It hurt my daughter, but she has other pals over plenty of time, so she got over it.

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