Snow Snow Go Away Come Again Another Day(or not)!

I’ve cooked, I’ve cleaned(a little), done laundry, played outside in the snow, corralled all my animals inside, cleaned up cat poop on the floor once, which makes me MAD, all because we are snowed in. I suppose I should explain that one of my kitties does not use a litter box but goes outside to do his business. The snow is deeper than he is tall, I sent him out but I let him in too soon afterward. I don’t think he ever left the porch. Instead he left me a gift on the floor. Nice.

We have blackjack oaks all around these parts and I think they are so ugly!

My kids have not gone to school in three days, I ran out of caffeine and now I’m tired of the snow and the walls of my house. My vehicle is a 4×4 which is so nice because it is able to get over the snow drifts in the drive way and it is able to travel around town a bit, but we’ve not been out but once since Monday.

We’ve done crafts and watched TV and eaten ice cream and bickered a little, both the boys and the AH and I.

Now we are ready for the sun! Please sun come back and melt the snow. I’m only good for one snow a year and we’ve had it you can go away now!

I know I’m not the only one who has been snowed in. What have the rest of you done with your time?


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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7 Responses to Snow Snow Go Away Come Again Another Day(or not)!

  1. Michael Mock says:

    Here in the D/FW metroplex, we don’t have snow. It was ice when it came down early Tuesday morning, and it’s still ice today.

    Nevertheless, because – unlike most Texans – I’m not a complete loss at driving on ice, we went down to the Dallas World Aquarium today. Firstborn (age four-and-a-half) got to feed blackberries to the toucans. Frolicking otters swam over and flirted with us. Various fish – including jelly fish who glow in the dark, a sea turtle as big as I am, and some sea horses that bore a suspicious resemblance to kelp – made the afternoon even more interesting.

    Anything to get us out of the house, really. You would not believe what the change of scene did for my wife’s mood. And Secondborn got to run around a bit too, albeit in his leash, so both boys are blissfully unconscious now. I am very, very happy about this.

    • theagnosticswife says:

      The Aquarium sounds like fun! Last year when it snowed like this we went to the Science Museum. We almost had the whole place to ourselves.

      You are so right about the drivers! Around here all the dummies come out when the snow or ice falls. They are always the ones holding up traffic or having to be dug out of the ditches. My sister had a doctor appointment today and she said while at a stop sign it was taking her a minute for her tires to get traction and the idiot behind her got impatient and drove around her at the moment she took off causing her to almost sideswipe him.

  2. atimetorend says:

    Similar for us, and my wife was going a bit batty one day. Kids went back to school yesterday. Dog is still crapping on the floor though, we have a little area shoveled for her outside, but she wants more grass and less ice. :^(

    • theagnosticswife says:

      I understand your wife’s momentary battiness! Between animals and children and boredom for all it gets a bit much. Our schools are still out and it’s snowing again today and supposed to have another wave come through next Tuesday. Yay!

      I know I shouldn’t complain much because the eastern states and Chicago have been having a lot more snow I bet they are complaining to!

  3. Nikki says:

    we drank coffee ’til we ran out of sugar, and ate until we ran out of toilet paper, on the third day we ventured out for some supplies. on the third day, there was alcohol involved, and i do remember some jenga and tumbling blocks…and that’s about all i remember! on the fourth day…there was snow. a whopping SIX INCHES (my husband says more like ten…typical!!) here, east of D/FW. today, we gathered supplies, this time for playing in the snow. when we returned, i set my children out into the wild and they did not return for a couple of hours. it was glorious!! i’m actually enjoying it a bit…but, don’t tell anyone i said that!! i didn’t realize you were in this area, too!

    • theagnosticswife says:

      Nikki I’m just above you in Oklahoma, practically in the middle of the state. Though I do have at least 3 readers I know of who are in your area. Maybe I need to move to Texas!

      It snowed more here today and this time it wasn’t as cold so I took the boys out and we have fun for an hour. I huffed and puffed as I pulled them on a homemade sled.

  4. The snow was amazing! The ice…not so much. We don’t get an abundance of wintery mix and such in DFW, so when we do, it’s cause for commotion. But now…after a few days of this, I’m over it.

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