A Pre-K Field Trip and A Pre-K Repeat

You know what will wear your ass out? Walking to the public library 1/2 a mile away from school with 20 four-year old’s, then playing on the play ground with them for an hour. I was spent. I actually felt more tired than I do after I try to jog.

A plus side to that was on the walk to the library my leg didn’t hurt much at all. This wasn’t any leisurely walk either. One of the teachers seemed to be trying to win a race or something and was high tailing it to and from like you wouldn’t believe. A lot of the kids were able to keep up with her and myself and some of the other parents were there for the stragglers I guess.

I tell you what, I just don’t have what it take to be a teacher, much less a Pre-K teacher. My son’s teachers are wonderful. So wonderful that my two Pre-Ker’s will be spending next year in their class as well. My boys are the youngest in class. Born in July and being born 10 weeks early puts them at a slight disadvantage. While they were ready socially I debated on whether or not they would be ready academically to start school this year. If they had been born on or near their due date they would not have started school until next year anyway.

So while they are learning and have advanced this year, they just need a little more time before the demands of all day kindergarten. As a mom I don’t want my children to lag behind. K1 could move forward to kindergarten, but might quickly fall behind. K2 defiantly needs more time, he’s not a fan of learning his letters. Every kid learns at their own pace, but the schools are not set up this way. They have to teach pretty much the same thing to all the students in their class. So I’ve spoken at length with their teacher and the AH and I have discussed it as well we all agree that this is a good decision. We’ve decided that this is the best time to have to do this. It will not be doing a disservice to either boy at this point.

Sometimes being a parent is way harder than you ever imagine it will be and you will see things and do things that you never thought you would. From day one I’ve wanted to treat my boys as individuals. They may be twins, but they most certainly have different personalities and different likes and interests. It’s my job as a parent to encourage them to grow into the individuals that they are. To be supportive, to correct and encourage and when needed get them extra help or guidance.

So next year I will have two Pre-Ker’s again. I get another year having them here, home with me for most of the day. It’s going to be awesome!


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Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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One Response to A Pre-K Field Trip and A Pre-K Repeat

  1. Sara says:

    I’m happy to read that your leg is feeling better!

    My mom taught pre-K and Kindergarten for years… 20? more? I would come in sometimes and help out and it never ceased to amaze me how she managed to corral all those kids. I’m pretty sure she is Wonder Woman. Where does she hide that golden lasso?! She’s moved on in the last 5ish years to 3rd and 4th grade for a change and she’s still amazing 🙂

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