Couch to 5K-Week 2 Day 1

Yesterday I started week 2 day 1 of the Couch to 5K. My leg was much better. I’ve been doing some stretches I was taught in physical therapy and they have really helped. That along with putting ice on the really sore parts has made it bearable. It still hurts, but nowhere near as bad as it was.

I also changed up my route. I had been trying to jog on some very hilly terrain. Today I tried it on more level track and it felt much better. So week 2 day 1 went pretty good.


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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3 Responses to Couch to 5K-Week 2 Day 1

  1. D'Ma says:

    When I first started to jog I did it on a street that had a pretty steep hill at the half-way point first going down and then back up, make the turn, down and then back up. So at the half-way point basically two hills. Yeah, it has a new name! I’m glad you’re feeling better and hanging in there. You go, girl!

  2. Sara says:

    Huzzah!! Very glad to hear things are improving for you!

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