You Ask, I Tell Answers

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and father’s day. We just hung around the house, but have plans to do something with my dad this Saturday.

So, let’s get to the questions.

Holly wants to know more about my twins. I’m not really sure what you want to know, but I’ll start with the basics. The boys were natural occurring twins, meaning no fertility drugs were used, this is a common question that parents of multiples get. It annoys some and I can see why, but has never bothered me. It was also my first pregnancy. I knew early on(10 weeks) that we were having multiples, we were super surprised, but excited. However, I knew the risks because I was working in my ob/gyn’s office at the time. I used to believe that was the work of God that I was working in that office. Anyway, everything was fine until my 26th week. I was having some tightening in my stomach and one of the nurses kept encouraging me to have the doctor check me, so I did. I was dilated to 3 cm and that was my last day of work and the beginning of one of the worst experiences of my life so far. I was admitted to the hospital were I was hooked up all kinds of machines and IV’s given lots of meds to try to stop the labor and contractions. The contractions were not slowing and my small home town hospital was not equipped to handle premature infants of that gestational age. That bought me a medi-flight ride to a hospital 40 mins away.

I sat in a small windowless room, for four days. The magnesium sulfate that had me on made me hot and they wouldn’t let me get up, clean up or have any underwear. Doctors and nurses were in and out of my room every hour. It was very unpleasant to say the least. The labor was stopped, but I was to remain on hospitalized bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I didn’t make it but a month longer. My water broke at 29 weeks and 6 days at 5:00am. K1 was born by natural birth(no pain meds) at 11:00am, K2 followed by cesarean section at 11:27 on July 17, 2006.

Six weeks and a few scares later they both came home about two weeks before their due date. Both with Apnea monitors and K2 with oxygen. The first 6-8 months were a blur of schedules, doctors visits and feedings every three hours. I honestly don’t remember some of it and now I don’t really know how I did it by myself after the AH went to work, but I did. When they were about a year old I even threw another baby in the mix by watching my 6 week old nephew until he was a little over one himself. Tired was an understatement.

K1 and K2 are now very active 4-year-old boys. K2 is outgoing and very talkative. He likes to pretend he’s a “Kitty Cat” and likes to play with a variety of toys. Sponge Bob Square pants is among his favorite shows.

K2 is a bit shy and somewhat sensitive at times.He had a PDA repair at age two. He loves to take apart stuff to see how it works, he and his brother collect locks and keys. He likes to make all kinds of modifications to his “tree house” which is not in a tree mind you. It now had several locks on a door he had his daddy make and a garage underneath. It looks a bit ghetto, but it makes both boys happy.

I guess I should also address two of the other common questions that I get asked as a parent of multiples.

Yes, there are twins in my family. My great-grandfather was a twin.

No, they are not identical(they don’t look it either) they are fraternal.

Usually that is followed up by “oh you’ve got double trouble” closely followed by “double blessing”. Both are true at times, I just smile and nod.

I love having twins.

So Holly I hope that at least answered some of your questions. Let me know if there is something specific you were wanting to know.

There are few more questions that were asked and I’ll get to those in the next few days. Keep them questions coming!


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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3 Responses to You Ask, I Tell Answers

  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for sharing! I was quite interested to read all of it. I wasn’t too specific as I didn’t want to possibly offend by asking a question that may have seemed too personal. Like you said, some of us moms of multiples are bothered by certain questions and some aren’t. I’m generally not bothered by most of the questions I get, but I do get annoyed sometimes when people so often ask me if my boy/girl twins are identical! 😉

  2. Holly says:

    And I’m sorry you had such a difficult early experience with your twins preterm labor/birth. It must have been horrifying. I was lucky enough to carry mine to 36 weeks with no bedrest, but I had sever hyperemesis in my first six months along with many other terrible pregnancy symptoms. This got me hospitalized several times early in my pregnancy. I lost 16 pounds in my first 7 weeks of my twin pregnancy. I’ve never been so miserable in my life. In fact all I need to do now to remember to appreciate my health is think about that time in my life.

    • theagnosticswife says:

      Ugh that must have been miserable, the hyperemesis. I had only occasional morning sickness, nothing bad at all. I did lose weight I only ended up gaining like 10 or 15lbs during my whole pregnancy. It was mostly because I was eating hospital food 2-3 times a day. When my husband came in the evenings he would bring me something yummy to eat and chocolate. 🙂

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