Confession Friday

Today is a day of confessions here at The Agnostics Wife.

Confession #1

I love canned cheese. It’s gross and so bad for you, but it tastes so good on a wheat cracker. I used to eat it with my dad as a kid and both the boys like to eat a few bites of it with me. Sadly. it is me who usually eats the most of it.

Confession #2:

I have a really nice wedding ring set, but I have been wearing this for about 6 months now. I like my gold wedding rings and there are several diamonds in it and the band, but it seems that when my hands swell it becomes way too tight and I always end up taking it off. I was going somewhere one evening and my ring was too tight for my comfort so I put these on. I liked the way they looked and I’ve been wearing them ever since. I guess I should clarify that I have taken them off and don’t usually wear them in the house much, but I like not worrying about them. They are sterling silver and aren’t even a set. I got the one with the diamonds, that I’m assuming I don’t have to tell you aren’t real, on vacation  years ago and the silver band is what I would wear when I worked at the vet clinic, because I actually broke the diamond out of my real set while doing a dog’s dental cleaning. After that I just wore the band because I always had gross stuff on my hands and washed them a lot.

Confession #3:

We have this chair in our living room that is such an eyesore. It’s not even that old, but it was not well made and the boys have put it through the wringer. I’m embarrassed to admit that it actually has duct tape on it. Yep, it does. It’s black duct tape though so it’s not as obvious at least that’s what I try to tell myself. Now there is another rip in it and it’s on the arm and it would be way obvious if I put tape on it there, so I’ve just left it ripped. It looks awful, but I don’t really know what to do with it. It’s used daily by the boys and if I were to slip cover it I would have to use a lighter cover because nothing else would match my living room and then it would be filthy all the time. So I’ve mostly ignored it until someone comes over and then I try to hide it with a throw except that’s where most people try to sit. It’s tacky I tell ya.

That’s my confessions for the day. I might do this again next Friday or I might not.

Do you have any confessions you would like to share?


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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One Response to Confession Friday

  1. Michael Mock says:

    Guilty pleasures? Pringles.

    Also, I sleep in my son’s bed. Secondborn is still breast-feeding, so the Beautiful Wife sleeps in his room, and the cats have taken over the bed in “our” bedroom, and it’s… furry. Also, Firstborn goes to sleep a whole lot easier if someone is in there with him. So I just sleep in there. I don’t even get my own bunk; I woke up (briefly) last night with a pair of feet in my left kidney.

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