I haven’t felt like writing lately. Every night for a week or more I’ve pulled up my blog and watched the cursor flash back at me. Blinking. Blinking.

I’ve stared at it hoping something will inspire me to write, but nothing does. Nothing has. Even now after I’ve typed these few sentences I’ve got nothing.

I suppose I could tell you all about how I’m longing to find myself in a big old historical home with squeaky wood floors on a nice plot of land. Maybe in Maine or New Hampshire. Preferably the view out my windows will have some body of water out them. I’ve always had a thing for old homes. I realize they are a lot to take care of and more and likely a money pit. That’s why I don’t have one at this point in my life. My house is relatively new and has none of the charm of an old house. No history, yet. We are the first ones making history in this home. That’s something I suppose.

Anyway, there’s that blinking cursor again, flashing at me. Yet I have nothing more to say.


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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6 Responses to Blink

  1. Even a short post is better than none. I’ve had a flood of thoughts about my own blog in the past two week. I seem to be sitting here typing or researching my next post far too much. Maybe you will get a few ideas by looking at my latest blogs.

  2. TheDon says:

    My blog writing has pretty much dried up. I haven’t felt the need or desire to do any of it. My life has recently entered a phase that is somewhat… delicate. To blog about it right now would… could be detrimental to my stability as a father, husband and a man.

    But, on the other hand, I’m writing my novel. So there is still some good in all this.

    I hope you find your groove again.

    • theagnosticswife says:

      Hope the novel is coming along nicely. I look forward to reading it.

      I hope everything else is going ok as well.

  3. Michael Mock says:

    “Anyway, there’s that blinking cursor again, flashing at me. Yet I have nothing more to say.”

    That was a remarkably eloquent bit of nothing, though.

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