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Students of the Woo – they’re normal. I really don’t even know what to say about this.  You can read the article in it’s entirety here. I did think of something to…

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For the Love of Animals

I’ve mentioned my love of animals before, haven’t I? Sometimes they drive me insane. Having animals is literally like having more kids sometimes. Someone barfs in the floor, someone wants out, someone wants in. Someone’s cage or bedding needs to … Continue reading

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PostSecret I can relate.

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Book Review-The Way by Kristen Wolf

In this stunning debut by Kristen Wolf, The Way, published by Crown Publishers, July 2011, is sure to bring passionate discussions amongst readers for years to come. Starting in 7 A.D. in a village on the outskirts of ancient Palestine, … Continue reading

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Thank you all for the kind word about my father in law. He passed away on Monday the 20th, in the hospital with his wife of 40 something years(I can’t remember right now but they just had an anniversary) by … Continue reading

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Waiting for the End

We are having some very sad days here this past week and it is continuing and we don’t know when it will end. The AH’s dad, who is up on in years, was diagnosed with untreatable lung cancer Monday. The … Continue reading

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Go Green

Someone, I’m not sure who, but I assume it was someone in my family as it was done  through my personal account, signed me up to receive emails from Christian Response Alerts. That was in November, before all the brouha … Continue reading

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