Xbox-I am Disgusted

You guys! I’m kind of disgusted! I have to back up a little to tell you why. A week ago we got and Xbox with Kinect(amazon was having a deal). We have had a Wii for years and played the crap out of the thing, but as the boys have gotten older they’ve become interested in playing some games, and lets face it the AH has been wanting one for a while. So with our tax money, that of course we don’t have yet, we did this the American way by charging it! We will pay it and a car off with our tax money this year! Anyway, we got the Xbox and it’s freakin cool. You can talk to the thing and you are the controller. Just like the commercial says!

You can also download demos of others games to try out and if you want to, buy them from the console. So, the first day we had it the AH downloaded a demo of a game called The Gunstringer. He played it for a few minutes and it was pretty neat and then I got disgusted and it got deleted.

There was a part where you were moving to a new level and you had to defeat this big guy, except the big guy was some sort of alligator wrestler and he was all on top of an alligator and he kept staying there and it kept showing pictures of an audience that was grossed out and then it would show the dude on top of the alligator kind of moving back and forth. The AH and I looked at each other, saying surly not, surly they are not insinuating that this cartoon dude and this alligator are getting it on, except they were! After the dude got up the game said something to the effect of, because of that union a new enemy was born.

It was disgusting! Why would that even need to be in the game at all? Why didn’t they just make the new monster man thing and move on with it, no need to imagine or better yet see how that happened! The AH and I kept shaking our heads and talking about it for the rest of the day. The kids of course had no clue what was going on as they were spinning in circles, impatiently waiting for their turn.

So, games will be screened from now on.

My favorite part is I can talk to it and tell it to start Netflix and what program to start. Who needs a remote! Not me!


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Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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4 Responses to Xbox-I am Disgusted

  1. D'Ma says:

    I haven’t had a gaming console in my house in quite some time. I think the last thing I had was the regular Nintendo..not even the Super Nintendo. But I’ve heard some of the games do get pretty graphic and just like TV you have to monitor what the kids get to play. There are a lot of adult gamers out there who apparently enjoy that. Although a man and alligator getting it on is pretty strange. 🙂

    • theagnosticswife says:

      It was strange and I’m not a big gamer I never made it to the end of Super Mario Brothers( shhh don’t tell) on Nintendo. Games tend to frustrate me and sometimes make me anxious. I do like to do the workouts on them though.

  2. Michael Mock says:

    Meh, childish humor is childish… and in this case, not very clever, but that doesn’t usually stop people.

    Definitely screen the games. A lot of them are made for an older (though not necessarily more mature) demographic. Heck, I find myself screening games for Firstborn just on the basis of whether they require reading. And I’m sure I told you about how he came in unexpectedly and caught me playing Halflife, which has led to a deep fascination with all sorts of nightmarish monsters…

    That still wasn’t as good as the time he came in and caught me watching Ninja Scroll (the animated series). I’m sitting on the couch. On the television, ninjas are cutting each other into bloody chunks while the heroine flees into the woods. Firstborn stops to regard the screen, but I don’t dare flip it off because then he’ll really be interested. After watching the carnage for a minute or so, he says: “Someday I will know how to use a sword.” Then he wanders off again…

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