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Protected: The Unforgiven Sin

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Once again I’m at one of those points when I don’t really have much to say and when I do I’m too tired to write it all out. We’ve been busy going here and there doing summery(I might have made … Continue reading

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I Found it on Pinterest-Prayer Cat

When I first started looking at Pinterest there were not many atheist or none religious things to be found. Scripture quotes and crosses were a mainstream in my Pinterest timeline, but that’s changing. It’s been awhile since I had surfed … Continue reading

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The Altar

I must have been about ten. I might have been slightly older, but not much because I remember my sister being pretty young. I was at church with my grandma, brother and sister.  This was the church I had always … Continue reading

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Hagee Promoting Hate

This is disgusting. The audience clapping and shouting and Hagee just looking so pleased with himself. It’s also sad. Sad that it’s ok to be so hate filled, even encouraged. I could say so much more, however, it would probably … Continue reading

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Winner Announcment: An Unquenchable Thrist by Mary Johnson

Since there were only four entries in the drawing, I did it the old fashion way, but drawing the name out of a hat. The winner of the book is…. So, Recovering Agnostic send me an email at theagnosticswife[at]hotmail[dot]com letting … Continue reading

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I Found it on Pinterest-Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Sometimes my family eats bananas before they start to go bad and sometimes they don’t. This time they didn’t, so I decided instead of putting them in the freezer to use later(which I never do), or throwing them away, I … Continue reading

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