Once again I’m at one of those points when I don’t really have much to say and when I do I’m too tired to write it all out. We’ve been busy going here and there doing summery(I might have made that word up?) things. Swimming and playing outside. Spending time with our bunnies, goats and chickens, eating snow cones and watching movies.

Speaking of movies, a week or so ago one of the boys’ grandmas gave them a VCR and small TV. I thought I was done with VHS tapes and tube TV’s a few years ago when I sold them all in a garage sell.  That was until my kids saw a VCR and were smitten. They begged to get some VHS tapes, so today I went Goodwill and got 8 tapes, most of them Disney movies and another VCR with remote(that’s important because most of the remotes were missing on the other VCR’s). I paid 1.50 each for the movies and a whooping 6.99 for the VCR. Their other grandma is giving them another small tube TV. So each boy will have a TV and VCR and I once again have VHS tapes in my life. Who’d a thought!

Their daddy likes vintage computer stuff and the bug has hit my boys. Except their vintage things are things that I actually used and even still owned a few years ago. While shopping in Goodwill, K2 saw a cassette stereo player, to which he claimed “I love those!” I had to turn him down, though the stereo was only about 10 dollars because I am done with cassette tapes. I don’t wish to own them again. They were a sweet memory of my junior high and early high school years and hopefully they will stay that way. That is unless two sweet boys talk me into it.

Anything you thought you were done with but has once again become part of your life?

Think I will be able to persuade K2 away from a cassette player? How about the record player he has been begging for? Is my house going to be the place where old electronics come to die? Will I forever be vacuuming jumpers and screws off my floors? Someone may need to come rescue me or perhaps I will just start collecting vintage things of my own. I still own a few Care Bears and Cabbage Patch dolls!


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Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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6 Responses to Retro

  1. Michael Mock says:

    That last line nailed it for me: it’s the toys. The stuff that Firstborn plays with is about 70% the same stuff I played with. Oh, the designs are updated a little, but… Hey, look: transformers! Thundercats! Admittedly, I haven’t seen Voltron come back around yet, but at this rate it’s only a matter of time…

  2. Ashley S says:

    For me it was also a VCR and VHS tapes! My oldest was given a tv, DVD player and a ton of DVDs when she was about 3. They were all destroyed pretty quickly. So we went to VHS, I hit our Goodwill and some garage sales and got tons of Disney movies and other ones like The Swan Princess and The Care Bears. My MIL still had DH’s Ninja Turtles tapes and some Transformers, and then Dora and Blues Clues from his younger siblings so we have quite a collection.
    I’ve really had a lot of fun as a mom seeing my kids play with the same things that I did as a child. Tea sets, play kitchen, Barbies, monkeying on the swing set. And my daughter has just started getting into the American Girl book series, which I was fairly obsessed with as a kid. Though now there are many new characters, so I also get to enjoy reading books with her that are new to both of us 🙂

  3. Eldon says:

    I’m a huge fan of vinyl myself. I love the warm sound and the tactile feeling. I’m a sucker for the old stuff, I guess.

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