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I found this over at The Bittersweet End. It’s one of those video’s that’s made to move you, make you feel something. It shows how backwards and unjust Christian thinking can be. Edited to add: As I was cleaning house … Continue reading

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Protected: Hello Stress, I Have Not Missed You

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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These little ladies have started to lay eggs. We have six hens that are old enough to lay and we are getting four eggs a day so far. We have four more chickens that have a month or so more … Continue reading

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Trust Yourself

Not too long ago I had the privilege to read Mary Johnson’s book An Unquenchable Thirst: Following Mother Teresa in Search of Love, Service and an Authentic Life. I wrote my review here. Mary Johnson Today I found this interview with Ms. Johnson on Friendly Atheist’s site. … Continue reading

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Rhinestone Cowboy

Are you an Elvis fan? I like a lot of his music, it’s good. I like the movies he has played in, they are good. Let’s face it, he died two months before I was born, so by the time … Continue reading

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You Asked, I Answer.

In this post I asked if anyone had any questions they might like to ask. I only got one question :(.  Just kidding about the sad face, but I know I have a few new readers, so don’t be shy … Continue reading

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Today Facebook Gave me a Laugh Instead of a Headache

For once my Facebook has provided me with something funny. How To Suck at Your Religion. Had me giggling for a while. Especially the bit about the nipples and school buses. Then we have something else funny here and it’s only funny to … Continue reading

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