Surprising Things

surprisefaceOver the past couple of weeks some surprising things have taken place. First, my best friend and I went out to dinner and the conversation turned to politics. She is, of course, conservative and I am not. She has never asked me where I stood, because I used to always agree with her. I know she has noticed that I no longer agree with some of the things she says and finally she just asked me. She asked where I stood politically because abortion is a big thing for her. She was very upset about the contraceptive mandate put in place by Obama. She felt anyone who supported this supports murdering of children. Anyone who is pro-choice in her mind equals pro-baby murder. As a matter of fact she jokingly called me a baby murder. I explained that I am not pro-abortion, only pro-choice, even if I would not choose that choice myself. We cannot be the moral compass for the world, that just as she has the right to choose, so does the next woman.

She still thinks I’m a baby killer. Though she laughs when she says that. I could be more insulted, but I’m not. I know that I am not a baby killer and I do not stand for baby killing.

She took it well, knowing that I no longer believe in God. She of course thinks I’m wrong and going to hell. She did ask that when the tribulation comes that I please go to her house and take care of her dog, because she had been worrying about what would happen to her. As a matter of fact she told me that should that happen I can have whatever I want at her house. I found this funny. She was serious and I was not laughing at her, but I assured her I would most certainly go get her doggie and take great care of her. She said she is just happy to know that if I’m still going to be here that I’m taking care of her dog.

The Agnostics Wife providing comfort to those who will fly up into the sky, since 2012.

Since then my friend has posted things on Facebook that I know are aimed at the AH and I. Things trying to prove the Bible is correct and that it has prophecies in it that are being fulfilled right now. I hope this does not create a wedge on her part where we can no longer be friends.

The second thing that has happened is I have found out that my trainer at the gym is an unbeliever. This is very exciting for me! I mean who would have thought in my tiny town? I know there are unbelievers everywhere and that they usually do not advertise, but I have met none. Not a single one who thinks anything like me, other than people online. This has been good for me. This has made me very happy. I am not alone in this tiny town. There is another awesome lady, who is raising an awesome kid, who happens to not buy into all the hubbub. If I have any sort of thing that can be called a soul or my being. This has made it happy.

I’m evolving. I’m finding my groove and I’m losing the guilt that I have felt for so long. I’m finding who I am now. She’s nice. I like her.


About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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18 Responses to Surprising Things

  1. Sylvia says:

    I read a great article about how dramatically the abortion rates are dropped when contraceptives are widely available. I wish I had the link so you could share it with your friend. It was written by someone that was very fundamental at one time. I admire you for keeping up the friendship with someone that has views totally different than yours. Glad you found your trainer.

  2. Michael Mock says:

    I’m not really sure how to respond to this, except to say “Yay for finding another unbeliever,” and “Yay for feeling more comfortable with where – and who – you are!”

    I’d ignore the FB stuff from your friend; I suspect she’ll get over it, though obviously I don’t have any way to know for sure.

  3. ... Zoe ~ says:

    Zoe jumping in down doing some cheers! Okay, not jumping except in my mind but still thrilled you found another unbeliever.

    Amazing how you aren’t good enough for the Rapture but you are good enough to care for her dog. Doesn’t she know what is going to happen to you during the Tribulation? Good chance you might not make it to her house, of course it might depend if it’s the first three and a half years of the Trib or the second three and a half Trib years. It’s been awhile since I thought about all of that. Ouch, it hurts my head.

    • ... Zoe ~ says:

      Up and down that is.

    • Zoe, I was jumping up and down in my head that day too!

      I’ve not thought about the rapture in awhile either. Rapture might have been a better word to use then tribulation. Either way, she figured she will be gone. She is distressed about what might happen to me and my family and she says she only says so out of love. She said she’s even questioned things before and research some stuff on atheist sites(shock), but she believes that she is right and I am wrong and that makes her sad.

  4. Lee says:

    The part about the dog made me giggle too! Not sure how you kept a straight face during that one. My son (raised “non theist”, unitarian, questioning, etc.) is now grappling with the idea of “hedging”. That is, should he pretend to believe in case it turns out god and heaven are real, and therefore hell is real also. But he’s worried that he can’t pull it off and would be caught as a non-believer. Lots of walking and talking these days – he’s 12. Some of this is because we are spending the holidays in Lynchburg Virginia, not only the home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, but home to over 150 churches. And my sister passed away a couple of weeks ago from cancer so this is all percolating in his mind. A little bit of overshare, but I felt safe with you guys.

    • First Lee I’m very sorry about your sister. Sending my condolences.

      Secondly, I’m so glad you felt it was safe enough here to share! I want this to be a place where people can share and feel safe about it.

      Thirdly, your son has been doing a lot of thinking. I must admit I myself grappled with these same thoughts for awhile. Of course in the end I couldn’t lie. I just got tired of trying to keep up with the game. I imagine your son will eventually come to this conclusion too. A death in the family does make one begin to think about things. As well as his age I think. 12 is on the cusp of not being a young kid anymore but not anywhere near an adult.

      Thanks for sharing and I do hope you have a nice holiday in Virginia despite the Jerry Fallwell thing and the missing family member.

  5. Howie says:

    Doesn’t your friend realize that the world is ending for all of us on Dec 21st of this year? 😉

    I’m not really sure I could have kept a straight face if my friend had asked me something like that – and nice benefit that you get to keep anything you want at her house. 😀

    That’s really cool that you’ve found some comradery with someone who thinks the same way and who you can actually hang out with – that’s always a good feeling.

    • Thanks. I have laughed about it to myself several times since then. However, she was serious and though she was a bit distressed that I would not be going with her she was relived to know her stuff her was taken car of. 🙂

  6. M. Rodriguez says:

    Its funny she asked to care of her dog, after the tribulation.
    My wife said to me, that she hopes I don’t take the mark of the beast and that she will be rooting for me from heaven with the kids.

    • Wow. Well I don’t really know what to say to that. I imagine that might be a tad bit hurtful to hear that.

      My family just assumes I’m going to hell. They think the kids will know that there is a god someday, that we are keeping them from knowing that.

      I’m sorry that rift is there.

      • M. Rodriguez says:

        no its not hurtful, coming from her position, I can completely understand, remember I was just in her mindset and position a few months.

      • I’m glad it’s not hurtful.

        I do remember that you have not been one the unbeliever side for long. 🙂

        I always try and remember what it felt like and what I thought as a believer. However the farther I get from believing the more insulted I seem to feel at some of the things people say to me. It’s as if they assume I just got up one day and decided not to believe any longer. That I put no thought or research into it.

        That perhaps I’m being silly and will snap out of it someday and until then they hope I don’t make too many stupid choices.

        That’s just began happening to me though. Maybe it’s just a mood I’m in.

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