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Dam at Kids Without Religion wrote a iReport for CNN on Why I Raise My Children Without God. It has a lot of comments(9000 or so), some of them nice and some of them not so nice. One thing that … Continue reading

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Silly Stuff

I’ve once again been busy, but I thought I’d share something funny. The reward for good behavior at my kid’s school is stickers and then after a certain amount of stickers they are allowed to get into the treasure box. … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel like you just want to run away? That was not a feeling I was too familiar with until a couple of years ago. I’m sure as a kid I wanted to run away sometimes when I … Continue reading

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Question- Do I regret telling my family of my unbelief?

Anothernone contacted me by email a month ago. She had several questions and shared a bit of her story. I promised to answer her question and then I forgot! With all the holidays and such I just forgot. That was … Continue reading

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Pondering Christmas

I took the Christmas stuff down today. As I was taking the ornaments off the tree I was thinking about what I feel about Christmas now opposed to Christmas two or three years ago. It used to be my favorite … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Cable

On New Years Eve, we had our cable shut off. I’d thought about it from time to time, but was always too afraid to just let it go. I was worried how I’d watch all my shows(and there is an embarrassing amount … Continue reading

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