Silly Stuff

I’ve once again been busy, but I thought I’d share something funny.

The reward for good behavior at my kid’s school is stickers and then after a certain amount of stickers they are allowed to get into the treasure box.

The teacher had mentioned that she was running low on things to put into the treasure box, so the next time I volunteered I brought a sack full of things that I’d been picking up around the house for a while.

Here’s the funny thing. Each time they bring something home they have been so excited to show me their new toy. Funny thing is it’s their own toy and they have no clue! They’ve not even said anything like “hey I used to have one of these.” Nope, they run and giggle and are very pleased. Silly little boys.

The toys will hang around here for a while until they get bored with them and then I will again pick them up and take the to school for the treasure box.

What silly things have your kids done lately?


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Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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2 Responses to Silly Stuff

  1. Michael Mock says:

    Secondborn has taken to being a Tickle Monster – I’m not sure if this is just a hobby, or more of an avocation, but he was running around at supper time tickling people (and, at the same time, shouting “Teekle! Teekle! Teekle!” like some sort of deranged tickle-goblin).

    And he sings. He sings Ring Around the Rosie, which varies between cute and creepy depending on the time of day and my own mood. He sings various pieces from Thomas The Tank Engine. Occasionally he sings bits of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” – and back in December, while he was learning that one, he would throw the phrase “like a diamond in the sky” randomly into conversation. Like, “Mommy, I can have more milk? Like a diamond in the sky?”

  2. justmoimoi says:

    We had our stuff in storage for about 7 months. When we got some out recently, my son acted like it was Christmas, with so many toys he hadn’t seen in so long.


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