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Atheist Spirituality

I’m reblogging this from Zoe’s This is how I feel. How we all feel. This is life.

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Atheist Shoes

Did you know there is a company in Berlin, Germany that makes shoes, for atheist? Well, there is and they recently did a study of sorts. They began to notice that it was taking a long time for some of … Continue reading

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New Series at Alise Write

Alise at Alise Write has started a new series called The Christian Guide to Atheists.  Last week’s topic was debunking the myth that Atheists are Satan worshipers. This week deals with the myth that those that have deconverted where never really Christians to begin with. It’s been an  interesting series with … Continue reading

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Recent Reads

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately. 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in God by Guy P. Harrison was an easy, interesting read. Each reason for believing is listed as a chapter. The author then gives reasons why these are not good reasons … Continue reading

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