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Happy Memorial Day.

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Oklahoma Tornado’s

My heart is heavy today. I’m a Oklahoman, therefore I know all about tornado’s and how devastating they can be. I’ve made many a trip to the storm shelter, including yesterday. I watched, on TV, a massive tornado form in a town about 12 … Continue reading

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Spiritual Death

It was recently brought to my attention that some in my family are still mourning my deconversion, which they called a spiritual death and liken it to the pain of a physical death.  It’s been 3 years since I deconverted … Continue reading

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It’s Ok to Ask Questions

Sometimes I go days without thinking about how reveling my unbelief to my mom has ultimately cause a much bigger rift in our already cracked relationship, and sometimes I think about it for days. It had been a few days since I thought about it, but … Continue reading

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Betty Bowers

I found Betty Bowers on my Facebook feed. It was from a site called Being Liberal. Mrs. Bowers makes some pretty good points and throws a bit of humor in as well. This was the one on my FB feed. … Continue reading

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