Grey’s Anatomy- April and Jackson

I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy for years. It’s a decent show that, on more than one occasion, has had me in tears and sometimes a bit annoyed. A few years back they did an episode where one of the doctors had a preemie. Not a later term preemie but a very early one and that whole story line was unbelievable to me. I’ve seen and read about earlier (23 weeker and on)babies and their journey in the NICU is never as easy as they portrayed it in the show. Though those episodes made me cry because being reminded how scary it was and what your child looked like hooked up to stuff was very realistic.

So It’s been a few years since I could personally relate to a story line. That is until last weeks episode. Two characters, Jackson and April, are newly married. April is a devout Christian and Jackson is an unbeliever. While this has come up in a few other episodes as they try to navigate their love for each other amongst their differences it came to a head in episode 20.

In the first clip it’s setting the scene for the second clips explosion of emotions.

This second clip is the one I can relate to.

I’ve been there, in an argument with a believer, them being very passionate about what they believe and then as the unbeliever being finally pushed to the edge where you stop trying to be so nice and just blurt out what you really think. The look on her face when he says he thinks it’s imaginary. I’ve seen that face on my loved ones. As she shifts into feeling sorry for him, feeling pity for him. I’ve been him before, realizing that someone you love feels pity for you.

I’m interested to see how this story line plays out. I think this is a relevant topic for today’s society. We are seeing this more in everyday life. Families having to navigate through someone no longer conforming to their religious upbringing. My hope is that they will not have Jackson’s character have some sort of religious awaking. I’m hoping that he will be allowed to have his beliefs and argue for them, while being respectful and allowing April to keep hers. I’m hoping they allow these two to work through this because it can be done. I’ve seen it in real life. It’s not easy, but I think it can be done.

Of course, if they want to have April come to reason, then that would make it even better, however I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen because I’ve read that the woman who plays April (Sarah Drew) is a Christian and it is her goal to have them portrayed as good people who are not extreme and who are not judgmental. I just don’t see her agreeing to having her character change her beliefs. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? What are your thoughts on this particular argument that the characters are having? How do you think it will end for them?

P.S. Jackson’s eyes 😉 and face. 🙂






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Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy- April and Jackson

  1. jinkies says:

    I don’t watch the show, but it seemed to me that the woman who was deaf purposely felt wronged for the story line and I don’t think that that would happen in real life without her looking like she’s crazy. Also, it seemed that the wife made a bit of a stretch going from a fictional deaf child to being religious. It got waaaay out of hand and there seemed to be steps missing to get from one argument to the next. Too needlessly intense. And in the end? She can’t stay with him and moves in with other women to show how she’s able to be gracious and tolerant.

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