I’ve seen this come across my Facebook feed several times now. The people who repost it are always so excited that this popular song has gotten a Christian spin.

I never noticed until I became an unbeliever just how much Christians talk and sing about being covered by his blood. It’s kind of creepy to me now.



About theagnosticswife

Living in the bible belt, in middle America, with a once Christian husband who has turned Agnostic. I no longer know what I believe.
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3 Responses to Loyal

  1. Michael Mock says:

    My wife has a funny(ish) story about being evangelized at some sort of Christian weekend getaway. They were talking about the importance of the Blood Of The Lamb and so on, and she really thought they were getting ready to kill her.

  2. bumfuzzled says:

    That old hymn “In the Garden” always carried a lot of “creep” factor for me. Not sure how that one got into the hymnal.

  3. Laurie says:

    I’ve been reading through your blog, and it surprises and intrigues me. I am a reform Jew in the buckle of the Bible Belt. I fit in socio-economically, but not religiously or politically, except that Jews play a very active role in civic life in my city. My son was bullied terribly in elementary school. He was/we were too different to be accepted (Jewish and Democrat!) My daughter managed. Both said school was much better as they got older because the lessons didn’t involve Christian holidays (how many Santas? What color are the eggs?, holiday concerts), and the parents weren’t involved with decorations everywhere. Luckily, in the Talented and Gifted/AP classes, Asians, Indians, Jews, and more liberal thinkers created a completely different environment. Out of 15 kids on the science team, three were white, including my child. Intermarriage has had a positive effect–people are more accepting of Jewish families in our neighborhood, but it is watering down our religion. Many people are like me–identify completely as Jewish, attend a synagogue, desperately want our children to marry Jews, but at heart, we are atheists. We put the question “is there a God?” in the corner so that we can study the Torah; otherwise, we would never get past it. I often long to live in New York or other liberal east coast city, but I am a Southern girl by birth. Just not a Christian one.

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