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Ice Storm

I hadn’t had my “big” camera out in some time. Of course I have a camera at ready everyday with my iPhone and though it does take some pretty decent pictures I always enjoy using my Nikon. Along with most … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Tornado’s

My heart is heavy today. I’m a Oklahoman, therefore I know all about tornado’s and how devastating they can be. I’ve made many a trip to the storm shelter, including yesterday. I watched, on TV, a massive tornado form in a town about 12 … Continue reading

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Letter To My Children

I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, since before I deconverted. I knew they were a catholic family. I think the children are beautiful, her house pretty, she a good mom, but her recent post rubbed me the wrong … Continue reading

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My Melancholia

I feel melancholy today. Really I have for the past couple of days. I have started two separate posts and have been unable to finish them. I seem to run out of steam halfway through and don’t really know how to convey what I’m trying to … Continue reading

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30 Stranded Dolphins Helped by Humans

This came across my FB page via Treehugger. I found it awesome and moving. How lucky for those dolphins and people to be able to help them.

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Go Green

Someone, I’m not sure who, but I assume it was someone in my family as it was done  through my personal account, signed me up to receive emails from Christian Response Alerts. That was in November, before all the brouha … Continue reading

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