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Protected: Immigration

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Women claims license photo start of the “mark of the beast.”

Good Grief! Can you believe this? (I tried to embed the video several times, it’s not working, you can watch it in the link.) Read about it here. Most of my state is extremely fundamental and superstitious and though this … Continue reading

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Atheism in the Media

Most of you have seen the clip of Wolf Blizer asking a woman who survived the Moore, Oklahoma tornado if she thanked the lord. She reveled that she was an atheist(hi fellow Oklahoman unbeliever, we are few and far between). … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Tornado’s

My heart is heavy today. I’m a Oklahoman, therefore I know all about tornado’s and how devastating they can be. I’ve made many a trip to the storm shelter, including yesterday. I watched, on TV, a massive tornado form in a town about 12 … Continue reading

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Pops on Route 66

A few days ago I mentioned the AH and I were taking the boys to someplace fun. I guess I should clarify that it was more neat than fun. On Friday we took a short trip on Route 66 and … Continue reading

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