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Letters to Dad

I thought the past two posts at Single Dad Laughing were a pretty good read. Though I don’t live as though God may be there I thought Dan’s letters probably mimicked a lot of what most us who have doubted … Continue reading

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Texting with a Friend

Recently I was having a text conversation with the person I call my best friend. I say that because quite frankly we’ve not done best friends things in a long time. When she found out about my deconversion she was … Continue reading

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Atheist Spirituality

I’m reblogging this from Zoe’s This is how I feel. How we all feel. This is life.

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Surprising Things

Over the past couple of weeks some surprising things have taken place. First, my best friend and I went out to dinner and the conversation turned to politics. She is, of course, conservative and I am not. She has never asked me … Continue reading

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The Voice Inside

The Voice Inside By Bart S. Phillips I once believed the voice inside my head was God. I once believed the voice in me that said That taking things that are not mine is wrong, That hitting and hurting others … Continue reading

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I Found it on Pinterest-Prayer Cat

When I first started looking at Pinterest there were not many atheist or none religious things to be found. Scripture quotes and crosses were a mainstream in my Pinterest timeline, but that’s changing. It’s been awhile since I had surfed … Continue reading

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Hagee Promoting Hate

This is disgusting. The audience clapping and shouting and Hagee just looking so pleased with himself. It’s also sad. Sad that it’s ok to be so hate filled, even encouraged. I could say so much more, however, it would probably … Continue reading

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